BOT(8)                  OpenBSD System Manager's Manual                 BOT(8)

     bot - IRC robot

     bot [-v] [-c configfile]

     bot is a simple IRC robot. It can handle userlist, simple flat file
     database, multiple channels and botnet.

     To create a botnet, add all bots to the user file with permissions 'b',
     and let them all use the same user file.

     -v      Prints version.

     -c configfile
             Main configuration file. All parameters are commented and should
             be clear.

     A module is a program, located in a directory defined by the moddir pa-
     rameter in the configuration file. The filename of that program defines
     also the modulename. The module can be started in two ways:

           1.   Calling the module in a irc channel where the bot sits by typ-
                ing ![module]

           2.   Schedule the module by using the modtab file, which is also
                located in moddir.  The modtab file can hold per default 32
                entries and the module execution interval is defined in min-

     A module takes the first command line option as input (optional) and out-
     puts the results to stdout, which will be send to the channel.

     $ ./bot -c rmrf.conf

     Starts the bot with the rmrf configuration file.

     bot.conf    main configuration file
     bot.log     log file (raw irc protocol)
     bot.users   user file
     bot.db      database flat file
     mod/modtab  module scheduler

     First version of bot appeared in 2003.

     Marcus Glocker <>

OpenBSD 3.4                      Apr 22, 2004