WMWLMON(1)                 OpenBSD Reference Manual                 WMWLMON(1)

     wmwlmon - Wireless Monitor wmdockapp

     wmwlmon [-Dhvw] [-i interface] [-s scrolling] [-display display]

     wmwlmon is a wmdockapp which shows the state of a wireless network inter-
     face.  In the title you see the network interface name and a led showing
     if the interface link is active.  As next you see the signal strength
     from the conntected access point in dB (decibel).  The bar shows the sig-
     nal strength in percents.  If the bar is full, it means that you have the
     full throughput of the bandwidth displayed in Mbps.  As next you see the
     channel number.  A red lock shines if WEP is enabled.  The last line
     shows the network id.

     If no interface is set at startup, wmwlmon scans all initialized inter-
     faces until the first wireless interface is found and uses that.

     -D      Debug mode.  Instead starting a wmdockapp, the data is sent to

     -h      Prints short listing of wmwlmon options.

     -v      Shows version.

     -w      Enable WaveLAN compatibility.  If a device is named wi* it gets
             recognized as WaveLAN device automatically.  Otherwise you can
             force WaveLAN compatibility by this option.

     -i interface
             Set interface.

     -s scrolling
             Network id scrolling.  If a network id is to long to display in
             the wmdockapp window it will be scrolled by default.  The
             scrolling types are:

             -s 0          Disable scrolling.  Long network id's will be cut
                           down to 8 characters.
             -s 1          LCD scrolling (default).  The network id moves from
                           left to right separated by a space.
             -s 2          Bounce scrolling.  The network id moves from left
                           to right and bounces back from right to left.
             -s 3          Fade scrolling.  The network id moves from left to
                           right, fading out and begins again.

     -display display
             Set display name.

     First version of wmwlmon appeared in 2005.

     Thanks to Claudio Jeker, Marc Winiger, Marc Balmer, and Matthieu Herrb
     for their support.

     Marcus Glocker 

     As I can't test wmwlmon with every wireless chipset for which a driver
     exists, because I don't have them all, it is most possible that with some
     chipsets the behavement of wmwlmon is wrong, or some informations are
     missing.  If you have such a chipset causing troubles, please report me,
     including a dmesg and a problem explanation.

     Full supported devices known yet:


     Partial supported devices known yet:


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